Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are perfect to help people showcase themselves and their business. They are a hugely effective way to set yourself apart from competition, give potential clients an engaging way to ‘meet’ and learn about you, and get your message out in a polished and repeatable way.

We love making these for businesses and are happy to work with you on details so you can get the most out of it. We can discuss ideas, messaging, visual aesthetic, etc so that it’s as effective as possible. Take a look below at some that we’ve made in the past.

Past Promotional Videos

Massage Envy
Each year Massage Envy has a regional ‘field day’ in Connecticut for all the employees to participate in. We were tasked with filming it in order to make a recruitment style video to show off the culture for the year ahead. This is shown to all potential team members to give them a feel for what Massage Envy is like and why they do what they do.

Stephanie Pavone Mills Photography
Sometimes people aren’t quite sure what a family photography session experience consists of. Steph wanted to let people get a feel for it before they came to theirs as well as learn a little bit about her and her personality. It is showcased on the “about” section of her website where it works for her business 24/7!

PV Farm Stand
Frank is a Rhode Island farmer in the northern part of the state who wanted to let people know what he’s up to there. At the time of filming he was facing some opposition from neighbors and the town and wanted to clear any possible misconceptions. We focused on showcasing the farm itself while also having Frank deliver his message.

RI Monthly
Each year we create a video to be shown at the RI Monthly Best Of event at the Providence Performing Arts Center. This particular one was shot at Garden City and done in the style of Jay Leno’s ‘Jaywalking’ segment. We set out to find out how much do Rhode Islanders really know about Rhode Island.

Quest Montessori School
When a school does everything differently than traditional schools, they need a way to let people know. This promotional video was a way for Quest to give people a peek inside what they do everyday and what they’re about. This video was also used to show to parents of Quest students.

My Chef Lara
This personal chef company runs “Chop-A-Titions” and wanted a short film to give people an idea about what goes on at one of them. They are team-building based while also being a lot of fun for everyone involved. This is more of an event style ‘as it happens’ type video rather than a scripted film.

Boston Baptist College
There are many colleges to choose from and BBC understands this. They wanted a video to let prospective students know some key things about the college and why it might be a good fit for them. This is used at recruitment events as well as on their website.

Michel consists of two Rhode Island brothers making music together. They covered Dashboard Confessional’s “Stolen” and we made a music video out of it for them to use for promo material. We can create videos out of live music events as well.

KVH Industries
KVH Industries is a Middletown-based engineering company that makes a lot of products for the military. We flew to Washington, DC to film them exhibiting at AUSA which is the largest military related trade show. The end result was a highlight film showcasing KVH’s products and to show their strong presence in the military world.
Video coming soon…